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Are you looking for the wildest fetish party in town? Fetish guide Tokyo clubs offer world class fantasy entertainment with some of the weirdest themes ever in alternative entertainment. The city is popular for its regular underground orgies and festivals that have put it on the world map as the weird capital of the East. No doubt every country has a fetish lifestyle, but Tokyo’s is considered extremely nerd even to the liberal fetish admirers. Stories of partner swapping, same sex romance and even sexual orgies are popular trends in Tokyo. There are numerous clubs in Tokyo offering services for people wishing to indulge in illicit passions without betraying their privacy.

Torture Garden Japan

torture garden tokyoTop of the list is the Torture Garden Japan which is perhaps the world’s top torture event organizer. Famously known as TG, the club is popular for its ‘pain is pleasure’ radical fetish philosophy. Started as the Japanese branch of Torture Garden London, the club rightly warns that its type of fun is for modern primitives; not for the faint hearted to be exact. Notably, the club does not follow any particular dress code so long as it’s imaginatively fanciful. In fact, it encourages its guests to improvise their dressing taking inspiration from the club’s core elements of fetishism. In essence, you could walk in wearing body paint if that tickles your fancy. Enjoy its high end fashion shows and star performances conducted through the seasons. Tickets for the shows can be ordered online or through your mobile phone. Torture garden happens at various nightclubs in the city

Department H, Tokyo

If you are crazy about serious adult plays, a visit to the Department H couple kissa will drench you in sexual fantasy. All you need is a good libido to carry you through the night. Enjoy group sex, blood plays, body suspensions, and striptease. The dress code is not department h tokyostrictly enforced here but you will notice that everyone just looks happy in their birth suits. Membership to this club is restricted and you must be vetted first. But once in, you are free to fulfill your fantasy in any way you can so long as your partner is willing for it. Located in Shibuya near Love Hotel Hill, this is one of the very best clubs to find men ladies in Tokyo. The shows happen every Saturday at the beginning of the each month. Good hotels in Shubuya are the high rise 4 star Cerulan Tower, mid range APA hotel and Sakura hotel or the reasonably price Empire hotel and Ace Inn

Seventh Heaven, Roppongi

Sometimes, a little heaven is all you need when it comes to fetish guide Tokyo. In that case, try Seventh Heaven. This spot, as the name suggests, is paradise for those out for a gentleman’s game. An exotic transgender dance club filled with foreign dancers, the club features non-stop entertainment that is so addictive you would never realize its dawn. For ¥5,500 per person inclusive of food and drinks, enjoy the happy hour between 7.00pm and 9.00pm Monday to Saturday. The club is located at the Social Blg, 2F, 7-14-1, Roppongi Tokyo. The poshest hotels in Roppongi are the Grand Hyatt Tokyo and the Ritz Cartlon. Other good choices for the less rich are  The B Roppongi and the Arca Torre hotel

Black Hearts fetish club in Ginza

However, fetish guide Tokyo is never complete without the Black Hearts fetish club in Ginza, Chuo-Ku. The club opens its doors between Monday to Friday from 8.00pm and the entrance is free for anyone above 20yrs to walk in without prior registration. Treat yourself to a night of full bondage and erotic strip dance with the ladies. There is some good whip-lashing too if you want. Fetishists are encouraged to wear black leather straps or uniforms as the club offers theme shows. Although the club does not expressly guarantee romping sessions, this is still a very nice environment and a couple of willing clients for sexual predators to explore. Make no mistake about it; you will have no one but yourself to make you suffer for steamy sexual pleasure. For a hotel nearby in Ginza, we recommend the following. for 5 star exerience there is The Conrad or The Imperial. mid price hotels here include Mercure or Daiichi Hotel. Perhaps you are on a lower budget? then the Hotel Ginza Daiei is the best choice for you with rooms starting at $70 a night.

Ever imagined a non-profit international organization exclusively dedicated to fetish BDSM? Well, probably not but that mean there isn’t such an organization. Tokyo Kink Society prides the only organization that is dedicated to exploring and expanding human feelings and sexuality. The society organizes shows and festivals on a regular basis during the calendar year. With an ultra-modern nightclub and a full time DJ, the club promises to stretch the boundaries of your perverted curiosity to the limit; from strip dance to bondage, pole dancing and other fetish activities, there is something for everyone so don’t miss the next show. Doors open from 10.00pm and ticket prices starts from ¥2000 per person.